Dewdrop Bracelet - Magenta

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Truly ethnic chic!  The dewdrop bracelet features small metal ornaments that are linked together with tiny, knotted cotton threads.
Delicately handcrafted by women in New Delhi, this stunning piece will surely make you wear it with pride.  

Handmade with love in India.

Colour: Magenta
L: 19cms long
Material: Brass & Textile
Allergy-free, made without nickel
Brass may discolour slightly due to moisture
Easy to combine with other bracelets

Handicraft is central to Zenza and working with artisans is at the heart of their business. Zenza became especially famous with their beautiful lamp collection and garnered the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Nowadays there is great appreciation for the hand-craftsmanship that is so characteristic of their collection. Handmade products have a "soul" which gives them an extra value and beauty. Zenza often combines ancient techniques with a modern twist in their design.