Orkuma Vase - Multicolour

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A single hand blown recycled glass bottle, handmade by people with disabilities in Tanzania. The bottle is wrapped with glass beads that have been handwoven by Maasai women, using thread from recycled grain sacks. 

The name Orkuma refers to the 'Talking Stick', as these bottles hold the same shape as this ancient tool of communication still used today by the Maasai tribe.

Your chosen piece is 100% handmade by one of the 120 Maasai beaders in Tanzania, so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. With different hands crafting each piece, we celebrate the uniqueness of the slight irregularities and differences between them, truly making them one of a kind. 

Made with love in Tanzania. 


Colour: White, Turquoise & Orange
Material: Recycled glass, glass beads, thread from recycled grain sacks
Size: H 18-22 cms, W 8cms 
Due to the handmade nature of these bottles, sizes may vary.

Sidai Designs is a social enterprise based out of Northern Tanzania. Sidai collaborates with Maasai women to create gorgeous, intricately beaded bracelets and necklaces. Each design is inspired by traditional Maasai adornments and patterns, and is made with upcycled materials whenever possible.

Sidai's vision is to create unique handmade jewelry with a modern, fresh aesthetic using traditional methods. Vital to this process is the creative voice of the artisans themselves, whose lives are empowered and enhanced through sustainable employment and education.

Maasai cultural heritage is rich in traditional beadwork that is done with incredible precision and craftsmanship, and Sidai Designs is committed to preserving that tradition. Every piece of jewelry Sidai Designs produces is made up to the highest quality standards, and promises to inspire your wardrobe for many years to come.