Golden Tide Oyster Necklace

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Wear this delicate 'Golden Tide Oyster Necklace' as a reminder to gracefully sail through the ebbs and flows of life. The hand-painted delicate design of this gilded oyster shell pendant resembles the shimmering pattern the ocean’s waves and is beautifully complimented with a pearl-wrapped chain. 

Handmade with love in the USA

Brand: Grit & Grace


Size: L 21" -53cms 
Materials: Recycled oyster shell & pearl

Grit & Grace Studio is a coastal chic company in South Carolina that recognizes the beauty in nature and works hard to preserve the environment through oyster recycling, sustainable production practices, awareness campaigns, and educational outreaches.  

For every shell product sold, 10 oyster shells (that would otherwise be going to a landfill) are recycled to help create new oyster reefs.